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Software Maintenance & Support

Working with small and medium sized banks in the City over a number of years and with experienced senior bankers, IIL can boast of in-depth domain knowledge in this sector and excellent understanding not only of operating requirements but also the understandably conservative approach of these banks to maintenance of banking related software. This coupled with our IT expertise and ‘problem solving’ approach, has led us to develop a range of cost effective and bespoke interface products for the banking sector. Having implemented these products in a few banks in the City we have the privilege of providing continuing support for them leading to further improvements being delivered.

In order to provide a robust supporting platform IIL has integrated a Virtual Private Server based JIRA Customer Management and support system. Customers can log the call through this system which will then be distributed to the respective support and project team for resolution. The fix will be delivered to the customer with a definite date and time based on priority level and progress will be closely monitored by the project team.

In addition we are also integrating Green Hopper (Project Management System) with JIRA to effectively manage the delivery timeline with a view to serving our customers better during critical times.