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Online Banking
Give your customers 24 x 7 access to check transactions, manage their money and make payments. The service is rich in functionality but highly secure and it’s auditable interfaces ensure transactions can’t be repudiated.

SWIFT Message Management
Use this product to accelerate the availability of client funds. It collects payments from your SWIFT gateway, performs any necessary transformation, and routes them into the correct channel for their ultimate destination.

Remittance Services
This package captures remittance instructions from clients (including agents), manages the necessary AML checks and routes payments via SWIFT for delivery to the beneficiary.

Cards Management
This application offers a simple means to issue your own credit and debit cards by connecting your back office to card issuers. You will be able to meet the standards of all major schemes and give your customers the functionality they expect from a fully featured card.

Dealing Systems Interface
Where customers need to exchange currencies online, for example in remittance or deposit taking applications, this service creates an automated link to your Dealing server.

If you need an open remittance service to any correspondent, this SWIFT specified service is for you. SWIFT Remit supports all kinds of retail payments including P2P payments, pensions and real time transfers.
Online Deposit Taking
You can use this product to recruit new customers remotely, automate your KYC checks and take their instructions to transfer funds. It can even send emails to keep applicants in the picture as each step is completed.

Bespoke Services
If we don’t have it on the shelf, we can build it for you - quickly and economically. We have years of experience and can deliver solutions tailored to your specific requirements so you don’t have to compromise.