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Our Business
We are a long established banking software company based in the UK but with development partners in India. We offer a wide range of banking and payment services and specialize in supporting small banks in London..
Our People
Our management includes experienced IT specialists and bankers. We know our subject from all angles and can provide business consultancy as well as software. We offer solutions that deliver real benefits.
Our Philosophy
We deliver solutions tailored to your specific requirements so you don't have to compromise.We know you have lots of choice so we always deliver high quality solutions at competitive prices. We are very flexible and focus on your needs not ours.
Our Services
We take the time to understand your business so we always deliver the service you want. Our experienced support staff are available 24x7 to ensure rapid resolution of any issues.
Our Products
We have a wide range of tried and tested products which include online banking and deposit taking, remittances, SWIFT formatting and currency dealing.