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Who we are

Inca Infotech Limited is a specialist IT products and services company catering to the needs of banks and finance companies. Taking over the Essex based activities of the software solutions provider Broadgate Technical Services, whose clientele included such leaders in their fields as Ford Motors, Salomon Smith Barney and Superdrug Stores Plc., Inca Infotech Limited., commenced operations in the millennium year 2000. Our experience in IT consultancy, software development, testing and support services dates back to 1990 and covers a range of industries from automotive to healthcare, retail marketing to banking in the City

Since its inception, IIL has devoted itself to developing niche products addressing the needs of small and medium sized banks in the City. Over the years we have developed a range of products in the areas of Remittances, Net Remit, Net Banking, Clearing & Faster Payments, Dealing Systems Interface, Online Deposit Taking, Trade Finance, Debit Card Interface and SWIFT Interface. With our experienced, mature and talented team along with our business alliance partners we are well placed to serve our customers in the long term.

What we do

By carefully assessing each customer's needs, we provide customised IT Products or Services based on our best practice approach that enable our clients to get the best value from their investments. Guided by our unique 'Code of Practice', our dedicated, qualified and experienced team of professionals provides a quality of service that seeks to improve upon industry best practice in this area.

We are a group that believes in service with high standards. At IIL we combine the benefits of a friendly, personal approach with a professional orientation.

Code of Practice
We believe that each client's IT requirements are unique and as such, call for an unique approach and a customised solution to deal with them.

We do not believe that any ready-made product or software package can address these requirements effectively.

We believe that each client is entitled to the fullest duty of care and diligence from us.

We believe that each client is entitled not just to "our best effort" but to the best solution to address their need.

It is our endeavour to deliver service or advice not just conforming to recognised standards or industry best practices but to better them wherever possible.

We do not believe in leaving the delivery of the service to any client to less experienced consultants, and therefore every assignment will have a designated assignment leader, who will be a primary member of the IIL team.

Once engaged we stand by the client until their requirement is fully met - this may include any audit or examination by regulators etc.

Every engagement or service arrangement with us will be underpinned by a clearly enunciated list of deliverables the client can expect, leaving nothing to imagination or guess work.